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Your body is an amazing machine. It adapts progressively to the amount and type of work that you demand of it, both physically and mentally. The basic principle of of bodybuilding is to promote such adaptations through repetition of specific exercises, in a planned progression of activity. More

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To reach your bodybuilding goal requires the correct workout program to suit your needs. Below I have categorised workouts into three criteria; Building Muscle, Gaining Strength, & Toning Up. All workout programmes are tried and tested so rest assured they do work. More

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Welcome to the article section of Bodybuilding Buzz, here you will find interesting and informative articles relating to bodybuilding & your health/fitness. More

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The best bodybuilding supplements; ranked on effectiveness, taste, value and ease of use. Leave reviews and win prizes!! More

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The latest Articles & News in the amateur bodybuilding and fitness world; supplement innovations, nutritional advice, bodybuilding tips and much more. More

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Can protein shakes prolong your life?
The protein powder favoured by body builders and athletes could in fact hold the key to a long and healthy life scientists now believe. More
How to beat muscle fatigue at the gym
Muscle fatigue is the decline in ability of the muscle to generate force. This is usually the result of vigorous sustained exercise. More
Are you overtraining?
One of the biggest mistakes bodybuilders make is over training. This is often due to our enthusiasm and passion to build better physiques, causing you train longer and more frequently without. More
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Enter Prize Draw.
Leave any review and be entered into a prize draw to WIN a tub of PHD Synergy ISO-7 (RRP £44.95) all in one protein powder. More
March 5th, 2012

Can lifting weights help strengthen bones?
Not only will lifting weights help increase muscle mass but it will also help increase the strength of your bones too. More
March 12th, 2012

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